3D Printing…Can your Canadian Business Afford not to?

3D Printing Canadian Business

3D Printing for a Canadian Business

For Canadian design and manufacturing companies the longer a product stays in the design cycle, the longer it takes to get to market, meaning less potential profit. With increasing pressure to get products to market quickly, companies are compelled to make quick yet accurate decisions during the conceptual stage of design. These decisions can affect the majority of total cost factors by establishing material selection, manufacturing techniques and design longevity. 3D printing can optimize your design processes for the greatest potential profit by speeding iterations through product testing and manufacturing.

Watch an on-demand webinar

We recently recorded a webinar to show you how your business will quickly get a return on investment (ROI) with 3D Printing technology. Included in the webinar video:

  • Save money thorough design and manufacturing cost reduction.
  • Business impacts of using 3D Printing to support your manufacturing i.e. 3D printing Jigs, Fixtures, Injection Molds.
  • Reducing the cost of rework 
  • Determining the ROI of a 3D Printer
  • Comparing 3D Printing to traditional manufacturing methods
  • The costs involved in running a 3D Printer

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