3D Printing Motor Sport Parts [WHITE PAPER]

3D Printing Motor Sport Parts

WRC rally cars with 3D printing parts

3D Printing/Additive manufacturing (AM) has been crucial in the motor sports and automotive world for years. In the race for speed and performance, 3D Printing has been a lynch-pin for design and testing. Now, race teams are revealing that 3D Printed parts will go far beyond review and evaluation. They have found that Additive Manufacturing is ready to hit the track and endure the rigors of high-speed racing.

Motor sports are using Additive Manufacturing for direct digital manufacturing (DDM) of production parts. In doing so, teams have demonstrated that additively manufactured parts have the quality and durability to meet the demands of race cars of all types. This trend has been developing for years, but until recently, teams have held direct digital manufacturing as a closely guarded secret that gives them a competitive edge.

Download our white paper to learn how 3D Printing Motor Sport parts gives teams a competitive edge and discover how you can accelerate your product development and decrease costs using the same techniques to create concept models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and even end-use parts in a matter of hours.

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