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3D Printed Physiotherapy Device for fascial manipulation [VIDEO]

Recently, Javelin Technologies sponsored Canada’s top female javelin thrower, Liz Gleadle. Liz trains daily in preparation for Canadian and international competitions; this year that includes the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  When we met with Liz a while back, she explained how she maintains her physique by taking ice baths and regular physiotherapy to help…

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Connex3 Multi-Material Colour 3D Printing is now even better!

The Stratasys Connex3 Multi-Material Colour 3D Printing technology has been enhanced with the new Stratasys Creative Colours Software, powered by the Adobe 3D Colour Print Engine, blending colours is now a breeze. Simply create a design in Adobe Photoshop, add your colours and textures, import the graphic into Stratasys Creative Colours tray manager, and 3D…

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Cool Colour Multi-material 3D Printed Parts

3D Printing Medical Parts in Canada

Dimos: Hello everyone, and welcome back to Javelin Technologies’ Discovering 3D Printing Blog series. David and I are super excited about today’s topic as we are going to be discussing 3D printing medical parts. Let’s get into the core of today’s discussion. David, tell us about Dr. Shi-Joon Yoo at 3D Hope Medical, the things…

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