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Medical Events

Canadian 3D Printing in Healthcare Seminars

In a field where innovation saves lives, 3D printing empowers doctors, researchers and medical device manufacturers to work faster, test more thoroughly and personalize care like never before. Javelin invites you to attend one of our 3D Printing Healthcare Seminars in May. Locations include Ottawa ON., Vancouver BC., and Toronto ON. During the event you…

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Adopt a simplified 3D Printing Process with GrabCAD Print

GrabCAD Print is a cloud-based solution that brings connectivity and accessibility to 3D printing. GrabCAD was recently acquired by Stratasys and they are leveraging the technology to make 3D printing easier. The new GrabCAD Print software is now available for the uPrint SE and SE Plus, which are presently on sale at 30% Off for…

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uPrint 3D Print Pack

When uPrint with ABS Material, You Win!

This month there is a special promotion for the uPrint professional desktop 3D printer from Stratasys. But what makes the uPrint a professional machine? In this article we will review the uPrint ABS plastic material used to 3D print parts; and you will understand why you win when uPrint with ABS material! Why print with…

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Bay Toy printed with Stratasys J750

Stratasys J750 allows you to 3D print colour models with texture mapping and gradients

Stratasys Ltd., the 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, has introduced another industry first with its market-disruptive 3D printer, the Stratasys J750™. The new solution breaks restrictive technology barriers to 3D print colour models. Enabling customers for the first time to mix-and-match full colour gradients alongside an unprecedented range of materials to achieve one-stop…

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3D Printing Motor Trends

3D Printing Motor Sport Parts [WHITE PAPER]

3D Printing/Additive manufacturing (AM) has been crucial in the motor sports and automotive world for years. In the race for speed and performance, 3D Printing has been a lynch-pin for design and testing. Now, race teams are revealing that 3D Printed parts will go far beyond review and evaluation. They have found that Additive Manufacturing…

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Architectural Model

New enhanced gradient colour materials from Stratasys

Stratasys Creative Colours software uses two new Polypropylene materials: VeroPureWhite and VeroCyan. Both materials enable significantly enhanced gradient colour options, here’s how: VeroPureWhite RGD837: Twice the opacity of VeroWhite Plus 20% brighter than VeroWhite Plus Improved color gamut Greater UV resistance VeroCyan RGD843: Less sensitive to ambient temperature Cleaner, clearer blue colour About Stratasys Creative…

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3D Printed Fixture

Top 5 Uses for Stratasys Connex 3D Printers

Take a look at the video below to see five of the most popular applications and uses for Stratasys Connex multi-material 3D printing including fast, effective blow molding tools, more efficient injection molding tools, rubber-like fixtures, grips and over-molding, vibrant colour prototyping, and more. Connex is the most versatile 3D production system With the ability…

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