Create Your Scale Models Faster

Seeing is believing. Stratasys 3D Printing helps architectural firms seize more opportunities by creating complex, durable models in-house, directly from CAD data.

Stratasys 3D printing technology produces astonishingly smooth, detailed architectural models in an array of materials, including rigid photopolymers ready for painting and finishing.

3D Printed Architectural Model

Industry Success Spotlight

NY Architecture Firm Shaves Months Off Model-Building Time with Objet

Using an Objet Eden 3D Printer Rietveld Architects have been able to reduce the time to create models from two full months for two employees to just hours by a single employee.

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Objet260 Connex Printer

Objet260 Connex Printer

“We were particularly impressed by the ability of this system to quickly produce highly detailed, accurate models with minimal office clean-up, other technologies produced brittle models and just didn’t have the fine detail of the Objet solution”
– Piet Meijs, Rietveld Architects
Example Bridge Model

Help Clients to Better Visualize your Design

By printing more detailed models, will help your clients to better visualize the final projects, ultimately helping your firm to win more business

Courtyard Model

Reduce hours spent creating models

With a Stratasys 3D Printer you can significantly reduce the time and expense in producing building models, often requiring highly delicate details. 3D printed models are also stronger than traditional models and won’t buckle or break over time.

Example Model

Create a Library of Reusable Designs

Using 3D printing allows you to be more innovative with your model making. For instance when you have repetitive pieces, you can print one as a mold, cast it, and then use the cast to injection-mold the required duplicates.

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Masdar Headquarters, Masdar City, UAE
Architectural Modeling Firm Builds Scale Model of Stunning Abu Dhabi Edifice with 3D Printing

Peter McCann Architectural Models Inc. use a Design Series Dimension Printer

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B+H Architects Vancouver
Model-making using new 3D printer already boosting business for architectural firm

Toronto based B+H Architects use a Design Series Dimension Printer

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“We can 3D print various proposals for a site and switch them out. We make proposal models of different scenarios that fit into a contextual model of the surrounding city.”
— Holly Jordan, architect and Senior Associate at B+H