If you have considered increasing productivity, cost savings and ROI by integrating additive manufacturing into your business model, now is the perfect time to take the next step. Javelin is offering special pricing on Stratasys uPrint SE and uPrint SE Plus 3D Printers. This special 3D Printer promotion, available for a limited time, offers 30% cost savings.

uPrint and 3D printed models

uPrint and 3D printed models

Two machines to choose from:

  • uPrint SE: 3D Printer is powered by Stratasys’ patented FDM® (Fused Deposition Modeling™) technology. It’s the 3D printer on which thousands of design engineers test their designs. Easy to use and kind to your budget, the uPrint SE delivers ABSplus models and offers networking for easy sharing. It’s a perfect solution for small teams who know 3D modeling is the key to effective prototyping and communication.
  • uPrint SE Plus: 3D Printer gives you ultimate control over your 3D modeling process. It boasts all the great features of the uPrint SE, plus
    • 33% taller build envelope
    • two layer thicknesses for fast or fine 3D printing
    • nine colour choices for your ABSplus models.

uPrint SE/SE Plus Features:

The uPrint SE and SE Plus include:

  • Repeatable, accurate printing. Every time. High yield and print success minimizes lost time and material waste
  • Easy to Use. Automated, plug and play set up, and calibration
  • Dependable, reliable hardware. Maximize printer availability, eliminate time maintenance and troubleshooting
  • High quality, high performance, engineering-grade convenience packaged materials. Plug and play consumables improve performance and material stability
  • Spend time doing your real job. Let the printer work for you (and not the other way around!)

Who uses the uPrint system?

uPrint 3D printers are used by Designers, Engineers, RP Managers, and Educators in middle school, high school, and universities across Canada.

Designers, Engineers, and RP Managers
  • Create concept models to depict final design to communicate and improve products
  • Quickly produce multiple and successful iterations of design for review
  • Produce end use jigs & fixtures that can withstand daily use
  • Create low volume end use parts
  • Engineering prototypes for form, fit & function
  • Are able to focus on students instead of figuring out how to make the printer work
  • Obtain curriculum and learning modules to provide students with powerful learning outcomes through design
  • Allow students to design, produce, and touch parts with complex geometries using technology found in the workplace

Why Stratasys Technology?

From independent designers to global product development teams, home workshops to industrial manufacturing spaces, and simple concept models to commercial aircraft parts, Stratasys offers the world’s leading 3D printers and technologies to help you shape what’s next.

The professional-grade uPrint best fits commercial design and manufacturing applications when compared to popular consumer 3D printers:

Concept Phase Earliest Concept Good Good
Initial Product Iteration Good Good
Communication Model Fair Good
Focus Group Model Fair Good
Basic Fit Testing Fair Good
Ergonomic Testing Fair Good
Architectural Model   Good
Complex Design   Good
Prototyping Phase
Fit and Assembly Prototype   Good
Solid Colour Models   Good
Functional Test Parts   Good
Manufacturing Phase General Jigs and Fixtures   Good
Surrogate Parts   Good
Production Parts   Good

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Offer valid only with the purchase of a Stratasys uPrint SE or uPrint SE Plus 3D Printer. Offer may not be combined with other discounts or promo offers. Offer valid only within Canada, while supplies last, and for printers purchased on or before September 30, 2016. All products are supplied subject to the Stratasys Terms and Conditions of sale available at http://www.stratasys.com/legal/terms-and-conditions-of-sale.

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