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Medical Case Study: Accelerate Time-to-Market with 3D Printing

Use the power of 3D printing’s speed and precision to streamline your medical device development. Nidek Technologies, developer of ophthalmological diagnostic systems, leveraged this technology to accelerate prototyping and clinical trials. Continue reading to learn about Nidek’s success and find out how 3D printing is a key factor in reducing their time to market. A…

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Breaking Barriers with 3D Printing in Medicine

In late May Javelin’s 3D Printing team hosted three powerful medical seminars on the effects of 3D Printing within the Canadian healthcare system. The events took place in Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa and they were engaging and well-received. Originally, the goal was to deliver cutting edge information to surgeons, radiologists and healthcare professionals on how 3D Printing…

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Medical Events

Canadian 3D Printing in Healthcare Seminars

In a field where innovation saves lives, 3D printing empowers doctors, researchers and medical device manufacturers to work faster, test more thoroughly and personalize care like never before. Javelin invites you to attend one of our 3D Printing Healthcare Seminars in May. Locations include Ottawa ON., Vancouver BC., and Toronto ON. During the event you…

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3D Printing for Medical Education and Training [WHITE PAPER]

The use of 3D printed anatomical replicas for medical education and training is steadily increasing, driven by a desire to find alternatives to expensive, hard-to-get cadavers; animal models that don’t include pathology; or mannequins that don’t represent the full range of clinical complexity. 3D printed static biomodels, instrumental for communicating anatomical structures, and physical simulators,…

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3D Printed Physiotherapy Device for fascial manipulation [VIDEO]

Recently, Javelin Technologies sponsored Canada’s top female javelin thrower, Liz Gleadle. Liz trains daily in preparation for Canadian and international competitions; this year that includes the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  When we met with Liz a while back, she explained how she maintains her physique by taking ice baths and regular physiotherapy to help…

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Cool Colour Multi-material 3D Printed Parts

3D Printing Medical Parts in Canada

Dimos: Hello everyone, and welcome back to Javelin Technologies’ Discovering 3D Printing Blog series. David and I are super excited about today’s topic as we are going to be discussing 3D printing medical parts. Let’s get into the core of today’s discussion. David, tell us about Dr. Shi-Joon Yoo at 3D Hope Medical, the things…

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