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3D Printed Parts to Boost Wheelchair Basketball Canada

2017 has gotten off to a rocking start! In early 2017, Javelin partnered with coaches and advisers from Wheelchair Basketball Canada to design and print sensor housings for a kinetics project. Scope: To design and print housings for an accelerometer that mounts directly to the rear axle of a wheelchair to measure and improve the…

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Southern Ontario Manufacturing Network Talks 3D Printing

Recently Javelin Technologies was asked to present at the Southern Ontario Manufacturing Network Innovation Breakfast held at the Ron Joyce Centre, part of the the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University.  The event, sponsored by Ontario Centres of Excellence, brought together business owners, educators, financial partners and other stakeholders who want to see the…

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3D Printed Photo

How to Print a Photo with a 3D Printer

The typical source content for a 3D printer is an STL file, it comes from two main sources, a new design modeled with 3D CAD software or 3D digital information captured from a real part using a 3D scanner. Here at Javelin we tried an alternative method – convert a 2D photo into 3D printable material!…

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Enhanced 3D Printing Portfolio from Javelin

As a result of the Stratasys / Objet merger, Javelin now offers a broader 3D Printing portfolio. The PolyJet line of products is now complemented with FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printing systems from Stratasys. Which includes the Idea Series (Mojo and uPrint), Design Series (Dimension Performance Printers), and the Production Series Fortus Systems. With…

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Designing for 3D Printing – a Practical Example

In previous posts I wrote about the recommended clearances and tolerances for modeling parts intended to be Printed in 3D with an Objet machine. In order to verify these recommendations I have modeled a wall mount for a small speaker consumer product, consisting of an assembly of two interacting components joined by an internal rail (this part can’t be…

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Objet and Stratasys Merger: The union of two 3D Printing leaders

Objet and Stratasys officially announced their merger today, December 3, 2012, resulting in the creation of a $3 billion multi-solution company. Stratasys now carries a broad portfolio of digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping solutions, including FDM, Polyjet, and Drop On Demand technologies. The new company will trade on the NASDAQ stock exchange as Stratasys Ltd…

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