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3D Printing Material Spotlight: Stratasys FDM Nylon 12

There has been recent interest in the Stratasys Nylon 12 3D Printing material. To showcase some of the features of this great product, we have put together Nylon 12 FAQ, usage tips and best practices information. Continue reading to learn more about this innovative material. What is Nylon 12? Nylon is classed as a PA (Polyamide)…

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3D Printed Parts to Boost Wheelchair Basketball Canada

2017 has gotten off to a rocking start! In early 2017, Javelin partnered with coaches and advisers from Wheelchair Basketball Canada to design and print sensor housings for a kinetics project. Scope: To design and print housings for an accelerometer that mounts directly to the rear axle of a wheelchair to measure and improve the…

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3D Printed Winter Wonderland: The Snowflake Challenge

Last month for the company tree decorating ceremony the designers and architects at DIALOG DESIGN in Calgary, Alberta were given a challenge to create unique custom designed snowflakes – a Snowflake Challenge. The results were remarkable and resulted in a wide variety of spectacular designs. Some of the designs were driven by algorithms to make them…

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3D Printed Dress Oscillates with Energy at NY Fashion Week

At a gallery near Bleecker Street in New York City, one of the top names in fashion recently took center stage for a milestone runway event – largely made possible through the power of 3D printing. NY Fashion Week is often associated with big name celebrities and stunning haute couture, but this time one of…

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Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator to revolutionize printing of composite parts

Stratasys and Siemens have been working very closely together to further their shared vision of making 3D printing a viable and indispensable component of production manufacturing. As an example of this vision, Stratasys developed the Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator, integrating its core additive manufacturing technologies with industrial motion control hardware and design-to-3D printing software capabilities…

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uPrint and 3D printed models

Stratasys Canada 3D Printer Promotion: Get 30% OFF a uPrint machine

If you have considered increasing productivity, cost savings and ROI by integrating additive manufacturing into your business model, now is the perfect time to take the next step. Javelin is offering special pricing on Stratasys uPrint SE and uPrint SE Plus 3D Printers. This special 3D Printer promotion, available for a limited time, offers 30% cost…

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3D Printing Motor Trends

3D Printing Motor Sport Parts [WHITE PAPER]

3D Printing/Additive manufacturing (AM) has been crucial in the motor sports and automotive world for years. In the race for speed and performance, 3D Printing has been a lynch-pin for design and testing. Now, race teams are revealing that 3D Printed parts will go far beyond review and evaluation. They have found that Additive Manufacturing…

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