3D Printer Training

Learn how to optimize your CAD files and 3D Print your Models more cost effectively

Advanced Fortus Insight Course

A two day course to help you become more proficient with Fortus  Insight software and optimizing STL files for manufacturing.

"Excellent overview for someone stepping into managing an in-house 3D printer for the first time"
— Gary Pasternak, Engineered Plastics Incorporated

What are the Benefits
of 3D Printer Training?

Shorten your design time

When a 3D printer is used correctly it allows businesses to shorten their design cycle, improve results, and save time and money

Reduce 3D Printing Costs

Understanding the 3D printing process better will help reduce print costs whether printing in-house or using a service bureau

Find Applications for 3D Printing

Better understand the possibilities, advantages, and limitations of 3D printing technology and identify applications for your business

Designers and Engineers gain new skills

Better understand how to design for 3D printing and determine the most cost effective methods of 3D printing for your models

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