Some great news from Objet this week!  Objet has just announced that they are now accepting waste resin generated by the Desktop, Eden and Connex printers.

Previously we could return only the used resin cartridges to Objet and we had to find our own solution for the waste.

Here is a link to the Objet website where you can find more information on this: Objet Recycle Program or contact Objet at:

For shipping the waste to Objet they recommend you place the waste container into a heavy plastic bag such as ULINE #S-14698BL and then place that into a heavy cardboard box, ULINE numbers S-4603 (Large frame machine), S-15048 (Medium frame machine), S-4591 (Small frame machine, 2 waste containers per box).  Tie the heavy plastic bag shut with a zip tie such as ULINE #S-5071.

The waste and used cartridges go to the same address:

List Logistics
c/o Objet
90 Salem Road
Billerica, MA, USA, 01862

 Refer to section 14 of the MSDS sheets included with every resin shipment for specific shipping instructions and material classifications.

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