Javelin Customers Win DX Awards

On Wednesday of this past week my son and I attended an event at the Design Exchange.  After the event we did some touring around and reviewed all the winners from the DX 2010 Design Contest.  We were really pleased to see that two Javelin customers were winners in the Industrial Design category.  Miles Keller Design (MKDA) and Ohm Design won awards.

Miles won the Silver award for his design of the Reevo R9 Mixed Martial Arts Equipment.

Reevo R9 Mixed Martial Arts Equipment by MKDA

The team from Ohm Design won a Bronze award for their design of the Sharx Safety Whistle.

Sharx Safety Whistle by Ohm Design

We are very pleased that both Miles and Ohm Design won their awards and we are very proud that they used SolidWorks as their design tool.

The Design Exchange is a great organization.  Please check them out at www.dx.org.  I am a member and would encourage you to visit or to perhaps submit your design in their 2011 Design Contest.

Both Miles Keller and Ohm Design are long time Javelin customers and both do awesome work.  Please check out their websites below.

MKDA www.mkda.ca

Ohm Design www.ohm.ca

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