Applying Cosmetic Threads to SolidWorks Parts and Drawings

If you ever get a chance to use the “cosmetic thread” function in a part, you may also want to display a related callout annotation in your 2D drawing.

To Insert a Cosmetic Thread

First, create a cosmetic thread display on the model by going to Insert > Annotations > Cosmetic Thread.

Insert Cosmetic Thread

Insert Cosmetic Thread

In the PropertyManager, specify a standard if you want (type and size as well).  In the thread callout section, that’s what you will see when the callout is displayed in the 2D drawing.  The field is grayed out because a standard is utilized.  If it is switched to none, you can manually change the callout.

Cosmetic Thread Properties

Cosmetic Thread Properties

Adding Cosmetic Thread information to Drawings

If you create a new 2D drawing from this point, the callout will be included in the view.

Drawing includes Callout

Drawing includes Callout

If you already have a drawing, the callout needs to be activated by right clicking on the cosmetic thread in the 2D drawing, and select Insert Callout.

Display Callout in an existing drawing view

Insert Callout in an existing drawing view

The callout in a Drawing is nothing more than a note. You can manually change the text in the 2D drawing, but the change won’t propagate back to the part.  Also, if you change the callout text at the model level, the text in the 2D drawing will update accordingly.

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