DriveWorks: Fast Way to Copy Rules

While working on my DriveWorks Solo Certification, I was shown a really fast way to copy existing rules into new rules. It is faster than CTRL+C (copy), CTRL+V (paste).

In the above example, I have two sub-assemblies that both have a lever in them and I want both levers to follow the same rule.

I have already created the rule in one lever.  Instead of copying and pasting the rule using Windows hot keys, I can have DriveWorks do it for me.

To do this: click on the lever that has the rule, hold the CTRL key and click on the second lever. When both are selected, click the Build button, which will open the rule builder with the code already in it. Then click Ok. The code will be populated into the second lever.

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    Great tip. That one has saved me HOURS on larger implementations that we have done. This also works for rules that are already populated that you want to overwrite, just be careful of which rule you select first. In variables, you can copy/paste to Excel, then use Excel fill and formulas to create dozens or hundreds of variables at once, but that is not possible with model rules. The new Search Rules button in DriveWorks 9 also makes it VERY easy to find and replace references in rules regardless of where they are. There is also a Find References in the rules builder that will also help you with that. But the tip that you mention here is definitely one of the tricks that we use the most.

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