3DVIA Composer: Configure Multiple Users to Use Shared Server or Library Location

This tip is especially useful for users with a Floating Composer license!

If there are multiple users of 3DVIA Composer that would like to share a common library location, it’s not obvious how to go about configuring them all to do this.  With a bit of text editing and copy/pasting, it’s fairly straighforward thankfully.

First off if you tried to figure this out yourself, you will probably start by going to (in Composer): File -> Preferences -> Data Paths, and you’ll see this:

Data Paths Dialog

If you try to click in the dialog to edit the paths there, you’ll find that it doesn’t work!  Unfortunately, the paths cannot be edited here.

Notice though, at the top of the dialog there is a browse button to allow you to pick a path for a file called “DataPath.xml”.  That is a clue for what’s next.

Browse to the location mentioned in the dialog for your install of Composer, this may vary based on your Operating System.  Of course, shut down Composer on the computer before proceeding further.

Make a copy of the file as a backup.

Then edit the file using an XML editor and modify the locations to the appropriate server locations.

Be sure to copy the textures, styles, etc. to the server location mentioned in the new XML file!

Once the XML file has been edited, start up Composer and go to the Data Paths dialog again and point to the new XML file.

You can also copy the XML file to other computers and do the same procedure so that they are all looking at the same set of library files.

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