Alin’s SW2013 Pick of the Day – Conjuring a Solid Out of Thin Air with the Intersect Tool

People who have seen it in action say that the Intersect Tool is a Game Changer.

Imagine you take existing surface bodies, solid bodies and even planes and throw them in a boiling pot. Let them intersect themselves for a while (about half a second), then pick and choose whatever pieces or combination of pieces you need. The result is spectacular: one or more solid bodies created very fast.

Once you master this new command, you will find out that your feature tree becomes quite a bit shorter!

Intersect can replace whole clusters of features like: Split, Combine Add, Combine Subtract, Combine Common, Trim, Copy Bodies, Delete Bodies, Cut with Surface or Replace Face.

In this video, I am just playing with the Intersect Tool. Watch how I conjure a solid out of thin air.

Enjoy the magic!

Of course, we will explore the full functionality of the Intersect Feature in the newer future. Stay tuned.

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  1. Steve Calvert says

    Alin, great series on the 2013 release. One question on in the intersect tool. I suppose it will work with planer and non-planer surfaces as well? This could be a neatquick way to create solids.

  2. says

    Thanks for your kind words, Steve.

    The Intersect Tool is extremely powerful and will work with any combination of solids, surfaces (planar or not) and planes.

    I intend to create a few more videos to illustrate that, so you are welcome to come back to the Javelin Blog on a daily basis. :)

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