How to Reduce your Material Costs using SolidWorks Optimization software

SolidWorks Optimization

Over the past decade, design engineers have learned to use and trust such computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools as finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and motion simulation as important aids to producing better designs faster. They know that such tools help them design parts, assemblies, and products that will withstand the toughest service likely to befall them.

However, products designed to meet “worst case scenarios” may not be the best designs for their real life environments. To meet safety and strength requirements, they may be over-engineered and too heavy for their purposes, or excessively difficult and costly to manufacture. Design engineers who want to get closer to designing the best and most profitable products for their functions need to take the next CAE step in product development—optimization.

Download our guide to get an insight into how you can reduce your design and manufacturing costs but still meet your product requirements.

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