DriveWorks: Default Value Extended

This video uses the default values property to set the value of multiple lists based on the selection of any one pick.

Default values extended, using default values to have interdependent lists

A common problem faced by DriveWorks administrators is how to handle multiple interrelated fields.  In this example we have 3 inputs, customer, contact, or region.  The desired behaviour is to have all three inputs selectable, but a selection in any list sets the value for the other two lists.  Traditionally this is done by having two selections, one to choose the selection method and the other to make the actual selection.  This setup can be useful, but the purpose of this tip is to show you a less intuitive setup that can be more user-friendly.

With this setup the user always sees all three lists, but a selection in any one of the three lists will set the values for both of the other lists.  Setup is actually pretty simple, first set the items rule to return the desired list for each of the inputs.  Next set the default value of the first input to be based on the second input, default value of the second input based on the third input, and the default value of the third input to be based on the first.  Therefore this will work for two or more inputs with no limit to the maximum.  This setup reduces the complexity of the rules (especially when there are more than 3 fields) while making the user interaction friendlier.  Just be sure to give feedback to the user that they only need to select one of the inputs.

In my next video I will talk about improving query performance

Using QueryDataValues when pulling multiple fields for a common record

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