Eliminate Non-Matching Internal ID Errors

Perhaps you received a different part file that you need to use in your assembly.  Or maybe your original file was lost and needed to be recreated.  If the new file is saved as the same name as the original file, the next time you open your assembly get ready for some internal ID errors.

Internal ID Error

When a new file is created, even if the geometry is identical, every face/edge/vertex is assigned a different internal ID code.  Therefore when an assembly picks up the reference to a completely new file, the ID codes will not match.  You can choose to browse for the original file if it has moved and avoid errors.

If you select “Use this file anyway”, mate errors will inevitably be waiting for you.  Mates are assigned to specific IDs so mate errors will occur when these IDs are missing.

Wrist Pin

The Original “Wrist Pin” Component

Mate Errors

Mate Errors after the Assembly References a Different “Wrist Pin” File

It can be a daunting task to open your assembly and see all the mate errors that need to be corrected.

Instead of replacing the file with the same filename in Windows Explorer, a better method is to use the Replace Components command within SolidWorks.  This will provide graphical prompts showing what mates are missing their ID codes.  The Replace Components command cannot replace a component with the same filename.  It is always best practice to have files with unique filenames to avoid reference errors.  In this example, I am replacing the “Wrist Pin” file with “Wrist Pin v2”.

Right-click on the component in the DesignTree and click the arrow at the bottom of the menu to expand.  Select Replace Components to open this command.

Expand Menu

Replace Components

With this command, you can browse to the replacement file.  Ensure that the “Re-attach mates” option is enabled.

Replace Command

Click for bigger view

The PropertyManager will list all mates and show a “?” beside any mates that cannot locate the modified face/edge/vertex.  Click on each one to see a graphics window highlighting the face of the original file, then select the face on the new file that has been inserted.  Continue through the mates until all have a green checkmark and voila, no mate errors!

Reassign Mates

Click for bigger view

Reassign Mates Completed

Click for bigger view

No Mate Errors

Click for bigger view

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  1. Clay says

    For some reason when I click “Let me browse for the original file,” nothing happens. It’s as if I clicked “Open without this document.” The part in question remains suppressed and no browsing window appears. Any idea why that might be happening?

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