EPDM – Saving the Event Viewer Log

The EPDM user log file and the Archive Server log, can help to identify issues with EPDM, but some events are not captured by these logs. The Windows Application Log can often reveal issues not seen in the other logs.

To access the Event Viewer enter log in Windows Search Programs and files and select View event logs

start event viewer


The Application log is located under the Windows folder.

application log location


The log can be sorted by severity by clicking on the Level column header. The log can also be sorted by Date and Time and Source.

application log sort


Specific information about an event is shown in the panel below where the the events are listed.

Evtent details

Evtent details part 2


Click on Event Log Online Help if you wish to search for a solution online.

online solution


If you would intend to send a copy of the application log to another person, such as your SolidWorks re-seller, select Save All Events from the Action pull-down.

save log

The preferred file format for the log file is *.evtx.

file type



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