General performance tips for SolidWorks Workgroup PDM

Workgroup PDM performance is directly tied to the size of the Vault (a smaller size is better).

For that use the SolidWorks Workgroup PDM VaultAdmin:

  •  Under the Project tab Archive old revisions and obsolete projects to reduce file size. 

WPDM Archive


  • In the Solidworks Workgroup PDM VaultAdmin, under the Vault Management tab, turn on Validate Vault on rebuild frrestart the service. This can detect errors in the vault which may affect performance. Please note, this process can take a long time especially with large vaults. Rebuild Vault can also increase performance. Please refer to the Blog Article “Rebuilding Workgroup PDM Vault Metadata“.

WPDM Rebuld

  • Delete local files. If the Working directory contains a large number of files, this can increase the amount of time to access a file. The “My Solidworks Workgroup Cleanup” utility is a good tool for doing this.

Workgroup Clean-up


  •  This utility can be accessed by right-clicking on the working directory from the Local View of the Task Pane.

Workgroup Clean-up-right click


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