DriveWorks Tutorial: Specification Flow (2 of 5) – Transitions [VIDEO]

This workflow has all the required states, but no method to transition in between them.  The minimum number of transitions is one each way.

Click the state you want to start the transition from, then click transition on the command bar.  Once it is added the workflow will update automatically


At this point we need to drag the transition from start to finish to tell it where to go.  Then repeat for finish to start.  Use the handles to clean up the appearance


If we test this flow by creating a new specification we will see that the only button that appears is go to finish.


In the specification flow we can edit this text by expanding the Start state and click title in the Go to finish transition


The title is the text that appears on the button that performs that transition.


After creating a specification and transitioning it to the finish state we can see that the state name is Finish (not Pending) and under actions the only action available is Go to start.

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