EPDM – Automatically Renaming of Files with Serial Number

SolidWorks files can be automatically named/renamed when the file is saved. This option can only be set when the ‘Admin’ user is logged in and only needs to be done once on one computer.

To set this option first create a Serial Number in SolidWorks Enterprise Administration, by right clicking the Serial Number node.

Create serla number

The Format of the serial number can set  from the pull-down and by manually adding static text. The ‘Next counter Value‘ can also be set

Serial number format


Once the Serial Number has been created, inside of Solidworks left click on the Enterprise PDM menu item and choose Options.

EPDM options


Choose the Vault and Serial Number that will be used. If the Serial Number option is grayed, check to see if your logged in as ‘Admin’

choose serial number


New files and/or existing files  can automatically be renamed. Parts, Assemblies and Drawings can be renamed and different Serial Numbers can be assigned to each document type.




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