EPDM – Preview Options in Local Vault View

The Preview tab, in the Local Vault View, can be optimized for performance,while still allowing for eDrawing functionality. The preview can be set-up to initially display a low overhead bitmap, which can switched to the eDrawings viewer by left clicking the bitmap.

This behavior can be set from the Display pull-dow,n in the Local Vault View by selecting, ‘Show bitmap for SolidWorks files”.

Display options


With this option the Preview will show a bitmap image of a selected SolidWorks file. This type of preview requires little resources and loads quickly.



When you left-click on the image, this will launch eDrawings and use eDrawings to preview the file. This method is slower, but it does give you access to eDrawings tools such Rotate, Zoom and Pan.



The  Display Option ‘Show full UI in SolidWorks preview’ will give you access to the eDrawings toolbar.

full UI



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