EPDM – Using “Link to content” to Define custom file properties in Excel

With ECO’s/ECN’s, consistency of data input can be ensured by populating the ECO’s/ECN’s with Variables (Custom Properties) entered through Data Cards. These ECO’s/ECN’s are often in the form of a Word or Excel documents. In this article we will look look at creating a link between a property in Excel to a data card variable.

This article will assume that the appropriate variable has been configured for Excel xls and/or xlsx file types and that the variable has been mapped to the the data card. If you have not done this and do not know how this is done, please refer to the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Administration Guide.


In Excel, select  a cell or a range of cells that will be linked to the Custom Property.

From the Formula tab, select Define Name.

define name


Enter the Name and select the appropriate Scope



Left click the Microsoft Office Button, select Prepare and then select Properties.



Select Advanced Properties.



Click on the “Custom Tab to add/select a property and assign a Value to the property. Next select Link to Content and press Add. Once this is done press OK.

Link to content


The Excel document can now be used as a template, so that information entered into the Data Card, will populate the appropriate cells.


Please refer to my blog article ‘EPDM – Mapping Variables to Microsoft Office‘ to see how this process can be applied to Microsoft Word.



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