Imported Bodies Video Series – 3. Repairing an Imported Model (Automatic Selection of Open Edges Using a Macro) [VIDEO]

In the first episode of this series I deleted a faulty face from an imported model, only to re-create it using the planar surface feature in the second episode. I hope you remember how cumbersome it was to select all those unconnected open loops in order to define the boundary of the new planar surface.

Fortunately, any repetitive manual work could easily be performed by macros (the equivalent of industrial robots in SolidWorks). It actually took less than 5 minutes for my colleague Adam Bridgman, who is teaching the SolidWorks Visual Basic and the SolidWorks API courses here at Javelin, to write a macro for selecting all the open edges from a part.

As you will see in the third video of this series, re-creating a planar surface with a very complex boundary becomes a simple and fast task when using Adam’s macro.

Come back to the Javelin’s blog tomorrow to read Adam’s article describing the logic behind this macro.

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  1. […] Patching this up is not terribly complicated as shown in Alin’s videos posted in the first two articles of this series (Episode 1, Episode 2).  It is however quite time consuming to make all the selections and clean it up.  If this only affects one model then you will save yourself a couple of minutes, but what if it is one of a hundred, then you will save yourself hours, it could even be one of thousands! In that case further automation is worthwhile, so your computer can do your job while you sleep. […]

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