EPDM – Grey Folders and Files in the Local Vault View

On occasion I get asked why some folders or files are grey in the Local Vault View. A grey folder or file is a file that is located in the cache of the Local Vault View, but it is not present in the Archive vault. The following are some reasons why these grey folders or files would be present in your local vault view.

  • The folder or file has been deleted, or renamed on a different client
  • The logged in user lacks the permissions to see the folder or file, but a user with sufficient permissions has previously cached the folder or file locally.
  • The file was added to the Local Vault view, while in offline mode.
  • An error occurred while the file was being added to the vault.
  • The user setting  Show only local files is checked.

show only local files


Solidworks and Enterprise subscription customers can learn more about addressing these issues by visiting the SolidWorks Customer portal and searching the SolidWorks Knowledgebase.


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  1. Corey Vantilborg says

    It is worth mentioning the checkbox ‘Automatically delete local read-only files that are not part of the file vault’.

    The idea behind this checkbox is to help keep your local cache clean of moved or deleted files.

    In an ideal world this checkbox would be safe to use, as anything you are working (part of the file vault or not) would not be read-only and so would not be deleted. However there are scenarios where a failed add or check-in will result in a local read-only file, which would then be deleted.

    My suggestion would be not use this option for users who actively add and check-in files. It is very useful for view-only users.



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