Enterprise PDM 2014 Web Portal

The new SolidWorks Enterprise PDM web portal has a number of advantages over the previous web portal. The fact that it is programmed from scratch with updated language to support any web browswer is by far the most notable. This has a direct impact on the reliability and accessibility. You can use the web portal to participate in approval workflows and can even upload new content which can be especially handy with contract engineering relationships.

This quick video highlights some of the key capabilities that customers are enjoying as the technology is getting rolled out.


  1. James Lee says

    Just wondering if the web portal will work on a PC that has Win XP and also if it has access to the search cards. We have PCs in our plant that our maintenance department use to access drawings and documents and they run on Win XP.

  2. says

    Hi James,
    It works on any updated web browser. Happy to give it a test if you wanted to do a remote meeting from one of those computers. The searching is limited to searching file name and description at this time which seems to be enough for most individuals using the web portal. Let me know if you have other questions.


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