E3 WireWorks: Moving the off-page reference text

In E3 Wireworks, sometimes you might have the need to move the off-page reference text to adjust for spacing in your drawing.

While using the default off-page reference symbols available this is not possible. Here is a solution for such a requirement and the steps are listed below:

1) Open up your E3 Database Editor

2) Create a new Source or Destination reference symbol from an existing symbol (check the Misc tab of the database for these type of symbols)











3) Right-Click  “Connection Target” text and go to Text Properties

4) Select “Sheet Reference” and group all objects on that database sheet









5) In Symbol Properties, add a new name

6) Save this to the database

7) In E3 Cable, refresh the database using the F5 key

8) Insert the new symbol in the project or E3 Cable sheet and reference it as required


Now you should be able to move the Sheet Reference text.



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