SolidWorks EPDM – Why does the Date Format differ from today’s date and other dates?


When the Special Value "Today's Date" is used in the control properties of a data card, the date is drawn from Windows and the format is defined by Windows. Other dates use the date format specified during the creation of the EPDM vault. This means that the formats can differ. To ... Read More

SolidWorks EPDM – How to use the OR Condition in Workflows and Categories

EPDM Or Conditions Featured

This is another area where I find people often get confused, so I will attempt to demystify this topic. The OR statement allows a file to meet one or more conditions, but it does not have to meet all conditions. For instance a file can meet a condition, if it as a SolidWorks file ... Read More

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SolidWorks EPDM – Is that Access Error or Poor Vault Performance a Sign of a Full Drive


When access errors start to occur,the cause may not be a connection issue between the client and the server. Even though the logs seem to indicate that the error is with communications. The actual issue may be a full drive. There are a number of articles on our ... Read More