Flexible Retrieval of Referenced Files During Check Out – new in SolidWorks EPDM

Reference Dialog

The manner in which referenced files are handled during check-out can now be controlled by an administrator. These options control whether reference files will be automatically selected when performing a get latest. To use these options Auto select reference files to get latest ... Read More

‘Always work with latest version of files’ Option – new in SolidWorks EPDM 2014


An administrator can now allows users, who have the option selected, to always work with latest version of files, and the ability to Get earlier versions of a file. This is done by enabling the option Enable the get version command in SolidWorks Add-in, from within the User Se ... Read More

EPDM – What’s New 2014 – Extracting Hidden SolidWorks BOMs

dsiplay options

Even if a SolidWorks BOM is hidden in a SolidWorks assembly or drawing, the BOM can still be accessed through SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. This option can be set from the local vault view under, Display > Options, by selecting Extract hidden BOM from SolidWorks on Check In. ... Read More