Creating Threads in SolidWorks for 3D Printing [VIDEO]


For years, the ability to create a realistic thread in SolidWorks was something of artistic fantasy; a way to demonstrate your proficiency in SolidWorks. The rebuild times on a small assembly would be long enough to get a warm beverage, and on larger assemblies it would be long ... Read More

Lean Manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS and a Stratasys FDM 3D Printer [VIDEO]


Acist (Advanced Contrast Imaging System Technology) is a medical-device company that specializes in developing contrast injection systems in the fields of cardiology and radiology. Acist’s devices infuse dye into the vascular system, letting physicians visualize ... Read More

SolidWorks World 2014: Top 10 Solidworks VAR Awards, by TenLinks

3D Printed Skis by Stratasys

The Sunday before the official start of the SolidWorks World was actually a very busy day. The registration booths opened at 7 am and people were already lining up to get their badges, agendas, back packs and T-Shirts. Most of the users attended the CAD Managers' Boot Camp for ... Read More

Project Fun Gun

6 shooter image

We’re always looking for an interesting project in the 3D Printing Lab, so when a coworker asked me if it would be possible to print an elastic band gun, I said “Sure!”.  He sent me an animated GIF showing an interesting design.  After some searching, I found it the design was ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

If you want to become more efficient with SolidWorks then learn SolidWorks live over the web with Javelin. Classes include Drawings, Surfacing, Sheet Metal, Simulation, plus GD&T.

Javelin’s Got Mojo [VIDEO]

Recently Javelin Technologies took delivery of our first Mojo 3D printer.  The Mojo combines FDM technology with commercial quality construction at a very affordable price.  This unit is designed to be setup and configured by the user so we thought you would show you what's ... Read More

Rethinking the Flower Vase with SolidWorks and an Objet 3D Printer

Image: Ideation of a vase

As a first year industrial design student at Carleton University I was tasked with a culminating project of redesigning a common household accessory; the flower vase. Although the project was mainly an exploration into the form and colour development of a common object, I wanted ... Read More