How To Rename and Move SolidWorks Files [VIDEO]

Do This Not That

As your library of SolidWorks files grows, you may at times need to rename some of your files, or perhaps move them from one folder location to another. This can cause issues if you simply right click on the document in Windows Explorer and click "Rename" or if you move the ... Read More

SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Tutorial: How To Pack And Go Files Out of The Vault [VIDEO]

No Pack And Go

If you are managing your SolidWorks files using Workgroup PDM, you may have wondered how you can package up file sets so that you can share them with others. When managing your SolidWorks files using Windows Explorer you can use Pack and Go, and when using Enterprise PDM there ... Read More

Enterprise PDM 2014 Web Portal

The new SolidWorks Enterprise PDM web portal has a number of advantages over the previous web portal. The fact that it is programmed from scratch with updated language to support any web browswer is by far the most notable. This has a direct impact on the reliability and ... Read More

SolidWorks EPDM: Write Drawing Card With Part Card Variables

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is capable of copying values from a part or assembly card and writing them to a Drawing card.  The setup to do this is actually quite easy. To set up this link do the following: Open the drawing card in the card editor Select the control with ... Read More

Resetting the Workgroup PDM Administration Password – VIDEO

If the password for the SolidWorks Workgroup PDM administrator user has been lost, it is possible to reset the original administrator login account. When Workgroup PDM is first installed the administrator user is pdmwadmin with the password pdmwadmin.  If this user has been ... Read More

Using a Third Party Software as a Viewer in Enterprise PDM [VIDEO]

View File

Viewing SolidWorks files, Microsoft Office files, dxfs, dwgs, pdfs and many other common documents in Enterprise PDM is as simple as selecting the file and looking at the preview tab. But what if you have files that require a special viewer that is not integrated with Enterprise ... Read More