Why are you using AutoCAD or Microsoft Visio for Electrical Design?

Using Electrical Design

The price of anything in monetary terms is what we typically believe the cost is as well. For the longest time we believed the cost of oil and gas to be what we paid for it; the cost of a cigarette is what you paid to buy it. It took us decades but we figured out that the cost of ... Read More

Customizing Dynamic Connector Configurations with SOLIDWORKS Electrical [VIDEO]


Previously we learned how to easily insert connector symbols using the dynamic connector insertion tools.  A few default dynamic connector configurations come standard with our SOLIDWORKS Electrical product, however in some cases we may find it necessary to customize these ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

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Unable to Connect to Collaborative Server SOLIDWORKS Electrical Error!

collaborative server

Have you ever run into the Unable to connect to Collaborative Server error when trying to launch SOLIDWORKS Electrical? This error message occurs most often if the collaborative server service is not running.  Clicking OK will bring you to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical ... Read More