SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL 2015 Archive Environment


Database Management is a crucial part for quality control. Keeping this concept at the core of their design is one of the features introduced in the 2015 version of SolidWorks  Electrical Archive Environment is a key enhancements. What is Archive Environment? It is a package ... Read More

SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL 2015 Customized Rights Management


Managing databases & product design work flow are key to running a successful design shop. Keeping this in mind, Application Rights Management is one of the advanced features added to SolidWorks Electrical 2015. The interface allows admin users to now run various levels of ... Read More



Product releases for us here at Javelin Technologies is like counting the days to Christmas and wondering what is wrapped up for us under that tree. SolidWorks has delivered as usual and I've listed the Top 10 feature enhancements for SolidWorks Electrical 2015 that will continue ... Read More

SolidWorks Electrical Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) – Part 2


As discussed in Part 1, SolidWorks Electrical Schematic bridges the gap for 2D that is required in a Piping & instrumentation diagram. Instead of wire connections, users can create new wire style groups to show hydraulic or pneumatic type of connections. Different colours, ... Read More

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SolidWorks Electrical Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) – Part 1


Piping & Instrumentation is an important part of engineering design in some industries. Piping is already addressed in the SolidWorks Routing add-in. Now with SolidWorks Electrical Professional, we have the combination of Electrical Schematics, P&ID and ... Read More

SolidWorks Electrical Library and Online Portal


Most Electrical CAD explorers are typically hesitant to migrate over to new products. Rightly so. They dig, they research and make sure that transition is easy. As a business, Projects cannot be interrupted. Typical criteria for selecting a new CAD product? Ease of ... Read More