Save Money, Water, and the Environment

Over the recent Christmas holidays, I became aware of what seemed to be the noise of constant running water in my toilet.  With a bit of investigation, and a bit of time, I was able to deduce that the flapper valve in my toilet was leaking, causing water to run into my toilet ... Read More

New Year’s Resolution – Helping Our Forests!

Starting in 2012, the Javelin Training Team has decided to give back to the environment to promote sustainable forests.  We will be giving monthly donations to the not-for-profit, charitable organization TreeCanada ( The paper training manuals that are ... Read More

Don’t let them steal your bicycle…

... or at least make the thieves work harder to get your bike! Just in Toronto about 12000 bikes are being stolen every year. That is more than 32 bicycles a day! It is a pretty impressive number and I bet The Bicycle Thieves Guild is aiming for an even higher target this year. M ... Read More

Low-VOC Commercial Design Goes Mainstream

If you're thinking about how to create a healthier workplace environment, consider going low-VOC. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals widely used as ingredients in products such as paint, building materials and furnishings, office equipment and cleaning ... Read More