Reducing Environmental Impact with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Analysis

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software allows product designers to easily complete a life cycle assessment on the environmental impacts of a product design. The tool includes capabilities to assess parts and assemblies and allows you to determine and optimize for the lowest ... Read More

Using SolidWorks Sustainability Software to Engineer Greener Products

SolidWorks Sustainability was introduced back in 2010 to assist engineers design renewable products in the early stages.  Here is an interesting article on this topic. ... Read More

I like beer…but the big question is Can or Bottle?

I just love a nice cold beer but I also have a big dilemma.  Should I buy cans or bottles?  It tastes great out of both but since I have been spending time with the Javelin Green team and also had some training on the SolidWorks SustainablityXpress product I feel that I need to ... Read More