So you received your MySolidWorks Professional serial number, NOW what?

Now that you're the owner of a shiny new MySolidWorks Professional license, what do you do with the serial number you just received? MySolidWorks is a web page - where does this serial number go? You have have looked and haven't located a spot. And unlike SOLIDWORKS, there is ... Read More

Where are the other Shear Stress Simulation Plots?

Shear Stress Plots

Have you ever needed a shear stress plot from your study but didn't find the right direction and plane?  When creating shear stress plots in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, there are only three options.  But where are the other three shear stresses? Well due to the equilibrium ... Read More

SOLIDWORKS Composer Tutorial: Fluid Flow Animation


Ever seen a fluid flow animation created in SOLIDWORKS Composer? Here are simple steps you can take to create the illusion of fluid flowing through a pipe in SOLIDWORKS Composer. To begin, apply a texture on an actor that would resemble the presence of a fluid in the pipe. ... Read More

New in SOLIDWORKS MBD 2015! – Model Break View [VIDEO]


Along with the new release of the core SOLIDWORKS 2015 products, we also have a variety of new SOLIDWORKS products that are eagerly awaiting their insertion into your design and documentation process. One of those new products is SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition). Let's ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

If you want to become more efficient with SolidWorks then learn SolidWorks live over the web with Javelin. Classes include Drawings, Surfacing, Sheet Metal, Simulation, plus GD&T.

Flatten a Sheet Metal Part That Has Intentional Interference [VIDEO]


I was recently asked how to flatten a sheet metal part in SolidWorks that interferes with itself. The short answer is that SolidWorks Sheet Metal is not designed to do this. Of course, as is often the case with SolidWorks, where there's a will there's a way! In this example, I ... Read More

New in SolidWorks 2015 – Open Model in Position [VIDEO]

Open Model in Position

Perhaps you need to open a part or a subassembly from an assembly and make some modifications in a specific area.  And when you were in the assembly, you had rotated around to find the area you needed to work on.  Now in SolidWorks 2015, you can open the model in the position ... Read More