Bend Lines Not Shown: Some Common Explanations [VIDEO]


A common SOLIDWORKS question we receive on the support desk is "where are my bend lines?" or "why are my bend lines not shown?" This can happen for a variety of reasons as I will explain in this video: The first method I tried was to go to View ... Read More

Why do my SOLIDWORKS Drawing dimensions move after I placed them? [VIDEO]

Dimension Move

When detailing a drawing, a common complaint for users first starting out with SolidWorks is that dimensions will seemingly arbitrarily jump around after they've been placed.  It isn't that your SolidWorks program is trying to defy your commands, it's actually that the program is ... Read More

EPDM – What’s New 2015 – Predefined Transition Action Comments


A transition action comment can add a predefined comment when a file is transitioned. The notification can be defined in a Transition Action, for automatic transitions or transition actions that set a variable or increment a revision. These comments can be viewed from a files ... Read More

New in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Center Lines Sketch Rectangle Tool [VIDEO]


The Center Lines Sketch Rectangle Tool enhancement is one of those changes that is far more profound than one may first think. Given the number of times that one has to adjust a sketch involving a centered rectangular profile, the ability to swap the diagonal center lines for ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

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Rotate SOLIDWORKS Drawing View to Align an Edge to Horizontal [VIDEO]


Ideally when you are creating a part in SOLIDWORKS, you want to setup your sketches and features in such a way that the part is oriented as it would be when used in the assembly or how it would be naturally positioned in reality. This has the potential to not work out so well for ... Read More