How to Get Extra Weldment Profiles in SolidWorks?

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When you have a new installation of SOLIDWORKS on your system you may notice that there are very few Profiles available in Weldments when you select a Structural Member. The reason that SOLIDWORKS have not included all the standards and profiles in the standard installation is ... Read More

Quickly Generate a SOLIDWORKS Profile Sketch Normal to Model Edge [VIDEO]


When you need a SOLIDWORKS profile sketch normal to model edge, for say a Swept profile sketch, hold off on generating a Reference Plane.  If you preselect the edge close to the endpoint where you want the plane to be generated and select the Sketch tool... ...this will ... Read More

New in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Access your Configurations with a new Toolbar [VIDEO]


Accessing the various configurations of a model or an assembly has never been easier, as we now have an additional spot within the SOLIDWORKS interface to switch configurations - the CONFIGURATIONS TOOLBAR. The advantage with this toolbar is that it can be located anywhere and ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

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Reducing Environmental Impact with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Analysis

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability software allows product designers to easily complete a life cycle assessment on the environmental impacts of a product design. The tool includes capabilities to assess parts and assemblies and allows you to determine and optimize for the lowest ... Read More