You are Invited! Three SWUG Meetings Next Week: Amazing presentations in Mississauga, Waterloo and Barrie

Mike Puckett

What is so special about these meetings, other than the fact that we get a delicious free dinner, free training, door prizes and get to talk to other SolidWorks users?This time, the keynote speaker comes directly from SolidWorks. Mike Puckett is the head of the Certification ... Read More

Alin’s SW2013 Pick of the Day: Create Selection Groups with Appearances

Creating realistic looking 3D parts it's only one of the reasons for applying different appearances on your models. Equally important is using appearances for creating selection groups which will increase speed and streamline the modeling process. Since SolidWorks 2011 ... Read More

What Combines Mills, Museums & Mummies?

Javelin's SolidWorks 2013 Launch Events, of course! From costing enhancements and conics to nested folders and the oh-so-powerful intersect feature, SolidWorks 2013 prompted Javelin's own SolidWorks guru Alin Vargatu to deem this "the most impressive SolidWorks release ever". To ... Read More

Save Time Creating a Complex Mold Split – The Fan Example [VIDEO]

TIME! Saving TIME! This article is all about saving TIME! People ask me all the time what areas of SolidWorks to study in order to do their job effectively. Part modeling? Mold Design? Surfacing? Assemblies? The short answer is ALL of THEM! The main difference between an u ... Read More

“The Golden Fish Story” or “All SolidWorks World 2010, 2011 and 2012 Presentations Are Available for Download”

SWW Presentations

Long, long time ago (in January this year), a very smart SolidWorks user was fishing at the Javelin Blog for tips and tricks when he caught the Golden Fish. The fish promised granting one wish (the biggest tech tip of the year, of course). The conversation continued: The Smart ... Read More