Alin’s SW 2013 Pick of the Day – Fill External Cavities with Discrete Bodies Using the Intersect Tool

Last week I showed you how to use the new Intersect tool for simplifying your model by filling its internal cavities. Today let's consider the situation where you need to fill the external cavities from the Mr. Smiley model with discrete solid bodies in order to 3D print the ... Read More

Printing multi material parts with a Stratasys Connex 3D printer.

photo 1

The Connex line of Stratasys 3D printers is the only 3D printing solution able to use two materials at the same time, and obtain a new one by combining these two base materials. To demonstrate this unique capability I modeled a sample part with 10 different digital materials on ... Read More

Designing for 3D Printing – a Practical Example

3D printed speaker wall mount with lock.

In previous posts I wrote about the recommended clearances and tolerances for modeling parts intended to be Printed in 3D with an Objet machine. In order to verify these recommendations I have modeled a wall mount for a small speaker consumer product, consisting of an assembly of ... Read More

Objet and Stratasys Merger: The union of two 3D Printing leaders

objet + stratasys

Objet and Stratasys officially announced their merger today, December 3, 2012, resulting in the creation of a $3 billion multi-solution company. Stratasys now carries a broad portfolio of digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping solutions, including FDM, Polyjet, and Drop On ... Read More

iPhone Camera Capabilities Advanced with 3D Printing

Want to take your iPhone picture taking to the next level? Now you can! Olloclip has created the ultimate 3-in-one lens system for your iPhone that fits in your pocket. Product design in most recent years has been impacted tremendously by 3D printing, and Olloclip’s camera lenses ... Read More

3D Printing and Plastic Injection: How to make functional injection molds in a 3D printer.

Digital mold in place in the support plates.

Objet is continuously developing new materials. One of the materials that they recently launched was the ABS like (RGD5160-DM). A unique digital material that combines the best of its components: toughness, heat resistance and flexibility. If you add those great features to a 3D ... Read More