How to create a SOLIDWORKS Notes Library [VIDEO]

Step 3

One question that often comes up in SOLIDWORKS training courses is "How do I create a SOLIDWORKS Notes Library for my drawings?".  A catalog of commonly used annotations, including notes, can be created in the SOLIDWORKS Design Library. Step 1:  Create a folder in the Design ... Read More

Why do my SOLIDWORKS Drawing dimensions move after I placed them? [VIDEO]

Dimension Move

When detailing a drawing, a common complaint for users first starting out with SolidWorks is that dimensions will seemingly arbitrarily jump around after they've been placed.  It isn't that your SolidWorks program is trying to defy your commands, it's actually that the program is ... Read More

How to Show Part Colour in a SolidWorks Drawing HLR/HLV View

This is what I want the drawing to look like

In a SolidWorks assembly, it is possible and quite helpful to have different parts shown in different colours (or colors if you prefer). It can help to symbolically distinguish between different parts in an assembly, it can be used to display the final colour after a painting ... Read More

Save Each Sheet as its own Drawing, or Combine Multiple Drawings into a Multi-sheet Drawing [VIDEO]


Some companies like to have one drawing file with multiple sheets, where each sheet contains the detail drawings of each part. Other companies prefer to have a single drawing file for each part. Both methods are acceptable practice, so on rare occasions you may find yourself in a ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

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SolidWorks Tutorial: Flip and Rotate Flat Pattern Drawing View

Sheet Metal Part

Often times we create sheet metal works of art (or just really complex designs) and we want the design to be clearly shown on the drawing. I've shown a relatively simple part above (just tell that to the laser cutting machine operator) - just a bent plate with some mounting holes ... Read More

SolidWorks EPDM: Write Drawing Card With Part Card Variables [VIDEO]


SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is capable of copying values from a part or assembly card and writing them to a Drawing card.  The setup to do this is actually quite easy. To set up this link do the following: Open the drawing card in the card editor Select the control with ... Read More

Who Printed This Drawing? And When? And Where is it Stored?

PRINTED ON 2013-08-22 BY jpeltier    C:\Users\jpeltier\Desktop\Draw1

With computers, file management is comparatively easy to real life. Windows can tell you with the timestamp how old a file is, which makes finding the newer file easy. All the files are stored in logical places and it's easy to do a search for a specific filename. With PDM, you ... Read More