Automation with Options and Variants

Options and Variants is a very powerful and yet easy to use design automation tool. In a short amount of time it helps designers configure systems to provide consistently accurate designs while saving an enormous amount of time and money. There are so many E3 users raving ... Read More

Time Saver: Insert Sheet Metal Parameters in your Drawings

Fig. 1 Get to the Cut List Properties

Before yesterday, I was sure I knew everything about custom properties and how to use them in parametric annotations. After all, if the information is already in the model, why not use it in Drawings, BOMs and other interesting places. Well... turns out I was wrong and... I am ... Read More

New in 2011 – You can now link model configurations between drawing views


One of the modules that received the most enhancements in the 2011 version of SolidWorks is the Drawing Environment. Most of the new functionality is well documented in the "What's New" document (Help menu/What's New) and in the Help file. Paul Marsman, a regular contributor ... Read More