How to Improve Machine Performance when working with SOLIDWORKS Assemblies


Is your SOLIDWORKS too slow when working with assemblies? If your answer is yes then this article may help you improve the performance of your machine when working with assemblies. “How do I stop SOLIDWORKS from crashing when I am working in assemblies?” This is one of the most ... Read More

Another Fine Mesh – Sketch Pattern vs Feature Pattern [VIDEO]

Rebuild Stats for Feature Pattern, Merge Entities off

As a former designer of automated machinery, I prefer to stay a stranger to danger by using machine guarding. It keeps the operators safe from my machine and it keeps me safe from litigation. However, since I always want my design to closely approximate what the final product ... Read More

Automation with Options and Variants

Options and Variants is a very powerful and yet easy to use design automation tool. In a short amount of time it helps designers configure systems to provide consistently accurate designs while saving an enormous amount of time and money. There are so many E3 users raving ... Read More

Automatic Reports and Intelligent PDFs

The people consuming your design are not just the designers or the people reviewing your design. It is used by the Manufacturing team, Assembly team, purchasing , support , sales and even the Customer/End User - in essence everyone involved in making or using the ... Read More

Improving Large Assembly Design Step-by-Step Guide – “Best” SolidWorks reference book I’ve read to date!

Improving Large Assembly Design Step-by-Step Guide

I finished reading over the Labour Day weekend the latest edition to the Step-by-Step Guide series that SolidWorks has been publishing over the last couple of years. Their newest book is titled "Improving Large Assembly Design using SolidWorks" and was released just a couple of ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

If you want to become more efficient with SolidWorks then learn SolidWorks live over the web with Javelin. Classes include Drawings, Surfacing, Sheet Metal, Simulation, plus GD&T.

A clotting agent for the Death of a Thousand Cuts………….. MSCONFIG


In my last post I discussed all of the unnecessary, auxiliary processes that may be running on your system.  Items such as update utilities, that generally present themselves as Icons within your System Tray or Notification Area (Near your Clock in the task bar). In an effort ... Read More

Death by a Thousand Cuts………..What is stealing Resources away from your session of SolidWorks.

How many processes do you have running??

Ever wonder what other "Stuff" is running on your PC while you struggle for system resources to finish the task at hand. The "Stuff" I refer to all of the little extra icons that appear in your system tray in Windows XP, now called the  "notifications area"  in windows 7 (down ... Read More