Alin’s SolidWorks 2014 Tutorial – Replace Sketch Entity – The Most Important Enhancement to SolidWorks [VIDEO]

Doesn't matter if you are The Company Owner, a Manager, a SolidWorks Expert or just a SolidWorks Beginner, you will be extremely happy taking advantage of the most important enhancement introduced to SolidWorks this year: the ability to replace sketch entities. As the owner, ... Read More

Alin’s SW 2013 Pick of the Day – Speed, Speed and More Speed(Pak) [VIDEO]

Since 2009, the SpeedPak has been the perfect tool for simplifying sub-assembly components, by replacing heavy geometry with a very light graphical representation of the external faces. In SolidWorks 2013 creating and managing SpeedPak configurations became much easier, since ... Read More

Imported Bodies Video Series – 3. Repairing an Imported Model (Automatic Selection of Open Edges Using a Macro) [VIDEO]

In the first episode of this series I deleted a faulty face from an imported model, only to re-create it using the planar surface feature in the second episode. I hope you remember how cumbersome it was to select all those unconnected open loops in order to define the boundary of ... Read More

Solution 1 of 2 for Quick Selection of Faces to Draft (Article and Video on The 3DVision Blog)


Sometimes you have to draft tens or even hundreds of faces at the same time. Don't you get tired of selecting them one by one? Fortunately, SolidWorks offers two very elegant solutions for selecting these faces in bulk. The first solution is using the Draft Analysis Tool for ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

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SolidWorks Best Mating Practices #5: Don’t Let Mating Take Any Longer Than Absolutely Necessary [VIDEO]

Okay, so we've reached the end of our week of SolidWorks Best Mating Practices. I've saved the best for last. There's lots of content in this one, so get ready. With all the tips this week, you should have learned something new - or at least be able to put into words what you ... Read More

Alin’s SW2013 Pick of the Day: Searching for Settings – Instant Results

Since I started the "What's Really New in SolidWorks 2013" series of tech tips, I kept repeating that the newest version of SolidWorks is all about saving time. My pick of the day is another time saver - the ability to fine tune SolidWorks systems extremely fast using the new ... Read More

Alin’s SW2013 Pick of the Day: Reduce File Sizes with Multiple Exploded Views

For some users reducing the file size is a must, especially for large assemblies. Before the release of SolidWorks 2013, having multiple exploded views in one assembly implied creating multiple configurations (one for each exploded view) and, since each configuration saves all ... Read More