Network Rendering Client – VIDEO

Render Time

The PhotoView 360 rendering tool in SolidWorks can produce some astounding photo realistic renders.  However large, high quality renders don’t happen instantaneously. In fact a large render of a highly complex model could take hours to complete, even on a very powerful system.  Ph ... Read More

Pictures of SolidWorks Projects

Back in October 2009, Greg Hynd started the most popular thread on SolidWorks Forum called Pictures of SolidWorks Products. At this moment, this thread has almost 100 pages, 1500 posts and a million views!!! The products depicted here cover a huge range of industries. You will ... Read More

How to render transparent backgrounds in PhotoView 360 [VIDEO]


SolidWorks Photoview 360 does a really great job of creating amazingly realistic renderings. We’ve discussed before how to add your own background image in SolidWorks to use in a render, but what if you only want your model rendered and to have the background be transparent? The ... Read More

Andrew’s SolidWorks 2013 Tip of the Day: Accessing Additional Photoview 360 Appearances [VIDEO]

Step 1

A great new feature in SolidWorks 2013 is the ability to use Luxology native appearances for PhotoView 360 renders. This opens up to SolidWorks users the ability to make use of the huge selection of additional appearances in Luxology’s online library. But even better, for cust ... Read More

It’s All Fun and Games with SolidWorks

Kitchen Background

I've been a fan of the game of Labyrinth for a while.  I spent hours as a kid mastering the X-Y controls to move the steel sphere from Start to Finish to Start to Finish, back and forth continuously.  It was almost an obsession. I started helping at a youth group and found t ... Read More

If you use PhotoView 360, you will want to install SolidWorks 2011 SP4.0!

"Brush" over areas of interest to speed up the rendering

A very short tip that can save you a lot of time: If you use the Preview Window in PhotoView 360 and you find out it takes too long to finish rendering, you can “brush” with your mouse over areas of interest and they will get priority over the rest. Apparently this new fun ... Read More

Mint Your Own Gold Medals with PhotoView 360

Fig. 1 Gold Medal for Andrew

Getting your Expert Certification in SolidWorks (CSWE) can be compared to winning a Gold Medal in a top competition! There is only one very small, but somewhat important difference, though: Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation will not present you with an actual gold medal. N ... Read More

PhotoView 360 – Surface Finish Overview Video

Question Mark

One of the most underutilized feature sets of PhotoView 360 is the appearance surface finish tab.  Why is it underutilized?  For a couple of reasons I think, those being: It’s found in the appearance advanced settings that some users may never activate. Most users don’t full ... Read More