SolidWorks Tutorial – Apply Material to All Parts of an Assembly [VIDEO]

What do you do when you work on a large assembly, with multiple levels of sub-assemblies, and want to apply the most common material to all the parts? Opening each part file on its own and applying the material is extremely time-consuming. Instead of that follow this simple 3 ... Read More

SolidWorks Tutorial: Direct Modeling [VIDEO]

Some people will be shocked by the title of this article. How can you say that SolidWorks can do direct modeling when every operation you perform on the model is documented in the feature tree? Let me start by saying that if the definition of direct modeling includes loosing ... Read More

Imported Bodies Video Series – 3. Repairing an Imported Model (Automatic Selection of Open Edges Using a Macro) [VIDEO]

In the first episode of this series I deleted a faulty face from an imported model, only to re-create it using the planar surface feature in the second episode. I hope you remember how cumbersome it was to select all those unconnected open loops in order to define the boundary of ... Read More

Alin’s SW2013 Pick of the Day: Searching for Settings – Instant Results

Since I started the "What's Really New in SolidWorks 2013" series of tech tips, I kept repeating that the newest version of SolidWorks is all about saving time. My pick of the day is another time saver - the ability to fine tune SolidWorks systems extremely fast using the new ... Read More

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Alin’s SW2013 Pick of the Day – Fill a Baby Bottle Using The Intersect Tool

When designing a bottle for your newborn baby, one of the main parameters you need to control is the bottle's volume. While apparently a simple task, calculating the volume of an open recipient has never been an easy task in SolidWorks. The new Intersect Tool introduce by ... Read More

Alin’s SW2013 Pick of the Day – Conjuring a Solid Out of Thin Air with the Intersect Tool

People who have seen it in action say that the Intersect Tool is a Game Changer. Imagine you take existing surface bodies, solid bodies and even planes and throw them in a boiling pot. Let them intersect themselves for a while (about half a second), then pick and choose ... Read More

Alin’s SW2013 Pick of the Day – Varying Dimensions Patterns

This is one of the new enhancements in SolidWorks 2013 that has the potential to save you, the designer, anywhere between minutes to hours. I am not exaggerating! You can now automate your designs like never before! You will replace tens or even hundreds of features with ... Read More