SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tutorial – Edge Flange Linked Profiles [VIDEO]

One of the most used features in SolidWorks Sheet Metal is the Edge Flange command. It is popular because in its basic mode (blind flange length) can mimic the forming process very well in an intuitive manner. But let's not stop here, since we can do so much more with the Edge ... Read More

SolidWorks Tutorial: Import Diagnostics (4) – Sheet Metal Conversion [VIDEO]

This is the fourth in a series of articles focused on troubleshooting and healing topological errors from geometry imported in SolidWorks. After we demonstrated the power of the Import Diagnostics tool for healing topological errors in imported geometry, today we will consider a ... Read More

SolidWorks Tutorial: Flip and Rotate Flat Pattern Drawing View

Sheet Metal Part

Often times we create sheet metal works of art (or just really complex designs) and we want the design to be clearly shown on the drawing. I've shown a relatively simple part above (just tell that to the laser cutting machine operator) - just a bent plate with some mounting holes ... Read More

Sheet Metal Tech Tip: Simplify Bends and Normal Cut [VIDEO]

Do you find yourself modeling up sheet metal parts a lot, but getting unusual things happening with your flat patterns? Maybe the flat pattern isn't quite right. Maybe you just get errors when you try to flatten it. Well, I experience both in the video I'm about to show ... Read More

Creating Your Own Sheet Metal Forming Tool [VIDEO]

Design Library Forming Tools

There are several Sheet Metal Forming tools available in the Design Library that can be easily dragged onto a Sheet Metal part to add features.  Just be aware that SolidWorks Sheet Metal does not account for material deformation during the forming process.  The part will have a u ... Read More

Alin’s SW 2013 SP3.0 Pick of the Day – Total Control for the Bend Allowance in Multibody Sheet Metal Parts

You have to upgrade to SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 in order to have total control over the bend allowance for multibody sheet metal parts. Note: Many thanks to Anna Wood for making me aware about this new functionality!!! While the ability to control the thickness, default radius ... Read More

Sheet Metal Bend Deduction Calculations with Switching Directions

1 - All inside bends

When using Bend Deductions in sheet metal, be careful when you have corners that change directions.  As shown at the bottom of the blog post Sheet Metal Bend Allowance Calculations, the Bend Deduction calculation is straight forward by taking all outside dimensions then ... Read More

Warning: Where are the Sheet Metal Flat Pattern Controls in SolidWorks 2013 SP0, SP1 and SP2?

My SolidWorks 2013 Pick of the Day is the cleaner feature manager structure in the Sheet Metal environment introduced by SolidWorks 2013. While the new folder structure is an important benefit for users, it introduces a major danger for people who are not familiar with the new ... Read More

How to Deal with a Prima Donna – The Loft Bend: Problems and Solutions

If I were to compare the SolidWorks Sheet Metal module with an Opera Company and you (the SolidWorks user) with the director, then the Loft Bend would be a wanna-be diva; a spectacular feature with lots of potential but also very temperamental. The Loft Bend is unique among al ... Read More