How to obtain more Materials for SolidWorks Simulation [VIDEO]


One of the most challenging aspects of doing realistic structural simulations is getting reliable material data. SolidWorks Simulation 2014 offers you a wide range of additional materials that can help you with better design simulations. SolidWorks Simulation Professional and ... Read More

Simulation: Factor of Safety Plots – Highlighting the Areas of Concern

Factor of Safety Distribution

The default Factor of Safety (FOS) plot would show the distribution of values over the entire model with a colour chart.  Typically you would modify the colour chart to have the Minimum value as your required FOS.  The regions in red are the areas of concern.  However depending on ... Read More

SolidWorks: Animating a 6DOF Robot from Point to Point [VIDEO]

Suppose you need to make an animation of a 6 degree-of-freedom robot. However you only need to show the end-effector moving from point A to point B to point C, etc. You aren't concerned with the movement of each joint at the moment. Have you ever tried free-dragging something ... Read More

Don’t Settle for Anything Less with Mirrored Results about Planes of Symmetry in SolidWorks Simulation 2014 [VIDEO]

We have all used symmetry to boost our simulation times, whether it be planar or cyclic and were happy to have achieved the results in a short time, only to be told by the manager to run the simulation for the full model so it makes more sense to him and to the customers. Here ... Read More

Irfan’s Pick of the Day: Transient Sensors [VIDEO]

In SolidWorks 2013, now you can define sensors which can store transient data from thermal simulations, drop tests, non-linear simulations and dynamics simulation. Due to nature of simulations which support transient data, this new sensor is supported in SolidWorks Simulation ... Read More

The reaction moment on a fixed face [VIDEO]

Reaction moments are only applicable to element with nodes having degrees of freedom in rotation. This is not the case for solids as they only have 3 degrees of freedom per node (3 translations, but no rotation). So how can we get reaction moments on fixed faces of Solid Bodies? ... Read More

Irfan’s SW Simulation 2013 Pick of the Day: Symmetry for Shell Elements [VIDEO]


Have you ever tried imposing symmetry for shell elements in SolidWorks Simulation 2012 or older? If you have then you would probably know it is a very tedious process and requires exact knowledge of what the symmetry condition actually does to impose it for shells. The built-in ... Read More

Offset Definition of Shell Elements [VIDEO]

When using Shell elements in your Simulation studies it is important to define the offset of your shell to ensure that the geometry accurately represents the 3D model. The default offset selection in a shell definition is Middle Surface.  Therefore the defined thickness will ... Read More

Hole Series in SolidWorks Simulation [VIDEO]

Imagine a manhole cover in a pressure vessel that needs to be bolted to a flange in the pressure vessel. This usually requires a number of bolts to hold the two pieces together. Furthermore, same type of bolts may be present in the assembly at various locations. Imagine having to ... Read More