Missing the 5th tab in your SolidNetWork License Manager?

Server Administration tab on the 5-Tab SNL Manager

For much of the functionality of managing the license server, you need to go into the Server Administration tab of the SolidNetWork License (SNL) Manager. This can normally be accessed by going into the license server and going to Start > All Programs > SolidWorks 2015 > ... Read More

Just purchased NEW SOLIDWORKS licenses? Don’t forget to Reactivate your License Manager

Steps to reactivate you SNL license manager

If you have purchased additional SOLIDWORKS licenses to float on your existing network and received a notice from our office indicating they've been processed, then you have ONE CRUCIAL STEP left to perform before your users will be able to utilize these new licenses - REACTIVATE ... Read More

Blocking License Borrowing from the SolidNetWork License (SNL) Manager


The SolidNetWork License (SNL) Manager can distribute licenses to client installations that are directly connected to it through a network, but it can also allow client installations to borrow a license for a period of time and disconnect from the network.  The ability to borrow ... Read More

Where is the Update for the SolidNetwork License Manager???

Installation Manager

If you recently updated your SolidWorks to a newer version and use network licensing, you also need to update the License Manager otherwise will you receive a "License server does not support this feature" error when you launch SolidWorks at the client. The same installation ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

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The Last Step to Update the SolidNetWork License Server


When updating SolidWorks that has been installed using a floating, network license the latest version, many users will forget the very last step, re-activating the SolidNetwork License Manager. This needs to be done  so that the SolidNetWork License Manager can communicate ... Read More

IMPORTANT TIP – SolidWorks SNL: How to avoid downtime when upgrading!

If you have a SoildWorks network installation your SolidWorks SolidNetwork License (SNL) server may be installed on a computer in a server room somewhere, it may seem simpler to use an RDP (remote) connection when you need to make changes or upgrade your SNL server to the latest ... Read More

Reserve Licenses on SolidNetwork License Manager for Users or Groups

You are able to reserve specific licenses for selected users or groups of users so the license is always available to them.  Any licenses reserved for a user or group are dedicated to them and not available to any other user even if the license is not in use. ... Read More