Alin’s SW 2013 Pick of the Day – Fill External Cavities with Discrete Bodies Using the Intersect Tool

Last week I showed you how to use the new Intersect tool for simplifying your model by filling its internal cavities. Today let's consider the situation where you need to fill the external cavities from the Mr. Smiley model with discrete solid bodies in order to 3D print the ... Read More

Alin’s SW 2013 Pick of the Day – Simplify Models using the Intersect Tool [VIDEO]

Has this ever happened to you? Imagine that you get this super complex model with a lot of intricate internal details from your customer or supplier. The file size is huge and the rebuild times are long, considering that you only need it for any one of these reasons: Use ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

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Offset Definition of Shell Elements [VIDEO]

When using Shell elements in your Simulation studies it is important to define the offset of your shell to ensure that the geometry accurately represents the 3D model. The default offset selection in a shell definition is Middle Surface.  Therefore the defined thickness will ... Read More

Adam’s SW 2013 Pick of the Day – Pop Up In Front [VIDEO]

In previous releases of SolidWorks you may have noticed that dialogs did not always pop up in front when they are most relevant. For example, when you edited a design table in SolidWorks 2012 or older a new window, Excel appeared in front of SolidWorks, but the accompanying ... Read More

Alin’s SW 2013 SP3.0 Pick of the Day – Total Control for the Bend Allowance in Multibody Sheet Metal Parts

You have to upgrade to SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0 in order to have total control over the bend allowance for multibody sheet metal parts. Note: Many thanks to Anna Wood for making me aware about this new functionality!!! While the ability to control the thickness, default radius ... Read More