SolidWorks Database is Missing? Complete functionality will not be available?

Database missing

Have you ever seen these messages before when launching SolidWorks...SolidWorks Database is Missing? Complete functionality will not be available? Not to worry!  This only means that the Hole Wizard/Toolbox functionality has failed to find an important database file, ... Read More

NEW In SolidWorks 2012 – SolidWorks Part Reviewer


A new feature added in SolidWorks 2012 is the SolidWorks Part Reviewer Add-In.  This new tool can be used to review, step-by-step, the features used to create the geometry of a part. Many SolidWorks users are aware that an effective way to learn how to create advanced geometry ... Read More

How to substitute a custom elbow into a Pipe Route

Pick Replace Fitting

When Pipe Routing you may need to have an elbow that has a drain or weldolet on it.  This is actually easily accomplished.  Simply model the modified elbow and use the replace fitting command to swap it into the route.  Best results are likely achieved if you save a copy of your ... Read More

Notes on combining multiple Routing library files

Configuration Properties

To speed up the Pipe Routing process or simplify your library, it may help you to combine similar routing parts into one file.  You can make configurations with different Material Properties for example.  Just make sure to have the configuration specific routing property "Pipe ... Read More

Become a SolidWorks Expert

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Pipe Routing using only one elbow file with multiple angle configurations

Specify Elbow

In SolidWorks Pipe Routing we can only specify one default elbow for the route subassembly.  Historically this  meant that if we have more than one angle of elbow in the route, we had to browse each time for every case not matching the default.  Now we have a couple of options to ... Read More