Why is SolidWorks unable to locate my Assembly Components?

Unable to locate file

I'm sure you've seen this before.  After opening up a SolidWorks assembly file, there is a message that a file cannot be located and you must browse for it yourself or the component will be suppressed.  Or perhaps this message was dismissed so the assembly opens fine but a lot of ... Read More

SolidWorks Tutorial: Step by Step Guide to Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats [VIDEO]

SolidWorks Sheet Format

Many people get confused when it comes to creating custom Drawing Templates and Sheet Formats in SolidWorks.  It's not as straight forward as Part and Assembly templates due to the fact that each sheet can potentially have different sheet sizes and title blocks.  Because of this e ... Read More

How To Rename and Move SolidWorks Files [VIDEO]

Do This Not That

As your library of SolidWorks files grows, you may at times need to rename some of your files, or perhaps move them from one folder location to another. This can cause issues if you simply right click on the document in Windows Explorer and click "Rename" or if you move the ... Read More

SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Tutorial: How To Pack And Go Files Out of The Vault [VIDEO]

No Pack And Go

If you are managing your SolidWorks files using Workgroup PDM, you may have wondered how you can package up file sets so that you can share them with others. When managing your SolidWorks files using Windows Explorer you can use Pack and Go, and when using Enterprise PDM there ... Read More

SolidWorks 2014 – Selected Components for Section Views [VIDEO]

Selected Component Section View

SolidWorks 2014 adds new functionality to the Section View tool.  Now you can select components to exclude from the section, or alternatively select only the components you want to include.  This provides the ability to see through portions of your model without cutting e ... Read More

SolidWorks 2014 – Open Options or Drag and Drop from Recent Documents

Recent Documents - Click to Expand

Enhancements have been added to the Recent Documents window in SolidWorks 2014.  The Recent Documents dialog can be opened through File > Browse Recent Documents, or press the keyboard shortcut "r". Now in SolidWorks 2014, hovering over a recent document has the option to ... Read More

SolidWorks 2014 – Replace Model for Drawing Views

Replace Model

New in SolidWork 2014 is the ability to replace drawing view references to other models when a drawing is open.  In previous releases, the drawing would need to be closed and then go to File > Open, select the drawing file and click the References button to change the file ... Read More

SolidWorks 2014 – Bent Lofted Bends [VIDEO]

Bent Lofted Bends

The Lofted-Bend tool in SolidWorks has now been enhanced giving you the option to created formed lofts or made up of several bent segments.  The new Bent option gives you several methods to control the number of bends in each region.  This provides a more realistic shape if the p ... Read More

SolidWorks Freeze Bar – Avoid Editing the Wrong Features and Reduce your Rebuild Time

Freeze Bar General Options

If you haven't used the SolidWorks freeze bar before, here's how you can become a little "cooler".  This functionality was added in SolidWorks 2012 and it's a great way to reduce the rebuild times of your complex part files when working on them and avoid editing the wrong ... Read More

SolidWorks: Animating a 6DOF Robot from Point to Point [VIDEO]

Suppose you need to make an animation of a 6 degree-of-freedom robot. However you only need to show the end-effector moving from point A to point B to point C, etc. You aren't concerned with the movement of each joint at the moment. Have you ever tried free-dragging something ... Read More